Monday, August 8, 2011

Neon Yellow Finger Nails Causes From Nail Polish

Neon yellow nails causes fact information from nail polish ideas. Also best yellow finger nails design for women, kids and girls via online sites today. Now many womens & mens wanna know about guides for yellow nails from nail polish. Look tips under here.

Steps Use Nail Extension Nail Art

Photos Of Yellow Nail Pictures Images Photo 1. Push the cuticle with a wood stick.

2. The original nail file to remove the oil and luster of the natural nailed.

3. Clean dust from the remaining nails filed with the wiping solution.

4. Attach the tip (artificial nails) to the natural nail using neon yellow nails causes glue.

5. Cut the tip according to the desired length.

6. Trim or miserly tip with a wood stick.

7. Miser border between the natural nail tip to remove the glue.

8. Clean back with a wiping solution.

9. Apply and trim them with a clear gel on the yellow finger nails gliter thorough.

10. Put into a UV lamp for 30 seconds.

11. Re-apply the gel to the entire surface of the nail. To design the tank painting (his art) is in the gel.

12. Enter back into the UV lamp for 3 minutes.

13. After cleaning the wiping solution, miserly up neatly and then cleaned again with a wiping solution, yellow nails from nail polish painting techniques can begin.

14. Apply permatop and enter back into the UV lamp for 3 minutes.

15. Enter back into the UV lamp for 3 minutes.

16. For a more glamorous effect you can add accessories such as Swarovski crystals or also with acrylic.

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